Answer The Call

Answer the Call provides you a great marketing opportunity. After all, placing customers on hold is a reality in business. In fact it occurs more often than most think and it adds up fast. Placing as few as 4 calls an hour on hold for 30 seconds results in over 8,000 callers placed on hold for over 65 hours of air time a year!

You could be missing out on a wonderful opportunity. Just think about it, is there a better audience than a current or potential client? An on-hold caller is targeted, qualified and captive. On-hold marketing is far better than another traditional business advertising medium, the radio. After all, radio stations charge to advertise to their audience, the audience is no way near as targeted and the station may also be running your competitors’ ads too!

Having Answer the Call your customers will learn more about your company, its products, services, mission, etc.

Think of On Hold Messages as an aural handshake.

No one likes to be put on hold, but until it is possible to avoid this inconvenience take the opportunity to use this time to to it’s fullest potential. After all, you have a captive audience! Welcome messages are a perfect way to present your business to potential clients. Whether your goal is to increase profits by cross-selling existing products and services, or just reinforce your branding and credibility, let us be the voice of your business.

By not advertising your business with on hold messages you could be throwing money away. Perhaps you spend the vast majority of your marketing budget on just getting them to call. It only makes sense to spend a few bucks to keep them on the line when they do.

  • 90% of callers with silence on hold will hang up within 40 seconds, and 30% of those that hang up never call back.*
  • Music will keep callers on the line 30 seconds longer than silence.*
  • Information will keep callers on the line for up to three minutes longer* and increase requests for products by 12%.**
  • *According to North America Telecom. **According to study by US West Communications

About Us

Peter Lloyd is owner and operator of Master Mix Production's a full service audio production company located in the Upstate of South Carolina. Specializing in Radio, TV and Telephone on hold Messaging.
Peter Lloyd is a voice over specialist and professional radio announcer with 35 plus years of experience including the His Radio Network and KLOVE Radio Network. He has worked with numerous clients in a variety of business categories. Looking for a really polished sound for Radio and TV, Advertising for your business? or maybe you want to give your office voice mail/on hold message a more professional sound? Since 1993 the Upstate of South Carolina and surrounding areas have counted on the voice imagery and tremendous impact of Answer the Call. You can make the sound choice like so many others have made. Consider Answer the Call/On Hold Marketing. you can reach us at 864-593-2737 to discuss your next project.

Service Included

On Hold Messaging
Our team of professionals will create an effective

On hold message that will help promote your business and services to prospective customers and your current customer base

Other Audio Services we Provide

Radio commercials
Put our experts to the test. With almost 20 years in audio recording, we can make your radio commercial sound great!

TV commercials
Consistency in your marketing message is important. We can bring a great sound to your TV commercials.

Industrial/Web Audio
If you have a training video or website audio project, we can help. Narration and long form audio is another specialty we offer.

Answering Machine Messages

Voice Mail set ups