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Answer the Call's Voice Talent Artists will bring products and scripts to life. The right voice really can work as a salesperson for you! That’s the key though, it’s not enough to have any voice, you need the right voice. That’s why we only work with radio professionals with the right mix of experience, on-hold marketing understanding and ability to engage. Our voice artists are able to give every on-hold production that little extra something that can only be provided by the sound of a professional voice that will help your business leave a lasting impression. Because your Image is always on the line.

Our Voice Talent Artists Are Experienced Radio Professionals All Recordings Done In On-Site Audio Studio Our Voice Talent Artists will works closely with Creative services Department All Voicing Work Backed by 100% Guarantee. Professionally recorded On hold Messages by experienced male and female voice over artists.

We offer male and female voices as a ‘standard’ with our service – unless you prefer just the one voice for your on hold messages. Many clients over the years have commented that the alternating male and female voices we use really help make the messages have more impact and are more entertaining to listen to.

We try to match the voice talent to your particular business or industry and we’re glad to say that 98% of the time we get it right! In the event that you don’t like the voices we choose for your on hold message recording, then we are more than happy to offer alternative professional voice talent.

  • Benefits of customized on hold marketing and music:
  • Typical on hold client receives 100 calls a day.
  • 59% are put on hold for an average of 30 or more seconds, which translates into a half hour of on hold every day. on hold messaging association.
  • Average small business is putting clients on hold for over 180 hours per year. on hold messaging association.
  • 85% of existing Answer the Call clients would recommend the service to others. on hold messaging association.

Service Included

On Hold Messaging
Our team of professionals will create an effective

On hold message that will help promote your business and services to prospective customers and your current customer base

Other Audio Services we Provide

Radio commercials
Put our experts to the test. With almost 20 years in audio recording, we can make your radio commercial sound great!

TV commercials
Consistency in your marketing message is important. We can bring a great sound to your TV commercials.

Industrial/Web Audio
If you have a training video or website audio project, we can help. Narration and long form audio is another specialty we offer.

Answering Machine Messages

Voice Mail set ups